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Primed Siding | Trim Boards | Fascia | Exterior Moulding

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Primed Siding | Trim Boards | Fascia | Exterior Moulding

Kelleher Advantage Plus™

Advantage Plus™ products are a fully treated, primed fingerjointed Pine product that is strong, versatile, easy to use. Made from a renewable resource, these products withstand a wide range of climates and come with a 30 year warranty. The LOSP treatment process makes Advantage Plus safer to use and handle than other treated products. Advantage Plus carries a variety of Green building certifications. Advantage Plus products are paint ready with two factory applied coatings, durable, safe for interior and exterior use, termite resistant and defect free. All siding profiles are CAL FIRE rated. Specially formulated End Sealer, available in paint or spray, protects wood where cuts and notches are made. Finish with acrylic paint.

Advantage Plus™ sidings are available in a variety of popular profiles and sizes. Installation procedures are similar to other siding products except for cut end sealing procedures described later in this manual. Advantage Plus™ Trim boards are S3S (surfaced three sides) and E2E (eased two edges) for a superb look. Trim boards are available 1x, 5/4x and 2x sizes. Use for general trim, Fascia, and most above ground – non structural applications. Advantage Plus exterior grade mouldings are available in both decorative and utility profiles.

LOSP Treated Primed Pine

The LOSP Treatment Process:

The natural wood substrate is 100% Radiata Pine sourced from sustainable plantation forests. The wood is kiln dried and then has all knots, pitch pockets and other defects removed. The defect free lumber is then fingerjointed and edge glued with high quality exterior grade adhesives.

The raw wood is then treated using an LOSP treatment process. Unlike some treatment processes, this system does not puncture the wood and leave unsightly incisor marks. LOSP stands for Light Organic Solvent Preservative. The process involves three preservatives that are carried into the wood using an organic solvent and vacuum pressure treating system. The preservatives are not soluble in water so they will not leech out of the wood due to moisture. The three preservatives are divided into two functions:

Permethrin is the component that prevents termite infestation. It is EPA approved and is a component of most household termite sprays. Propiconazole and Tebuconazole are the components that prevent fungal growth (AKA dry rot). These chemicals are EPA approved and are commonly used in agriculture to prevent fungal growth on food crops. The treatment process also carries paraffin wax and hydrocarbon resin into the wood to enhance water repellent characteristics.

Advantage Plus meets requirements for H-3 (Chile and New Zealand) and UC-3A and UC-3B (USA) third party rating systems. The “H” refers to Hazard Level, and the UC refers to Use Category. The UC3-B rating is the AWPA (American Wood Preserving Association) category for above ground, exterior use. H-3 is an identical rating. The associations involved are considered the experts in the field of treated lumber. Their techniques offer the most reliable service and performance.

Factory Applied Primer:

Advantage Plus has two coats of factory applied primer. The primer is an alkyd based product specially developed for use with LOSP treated wood. The primer has a high resistance to cracking, flaking and chipping, and provides a strong base for final coat adhesion.

The primer is not a sealer and will allow some water absorption. For best results apply a topcoat before primed wood gets heavy rain. While the preservatives will not leech out from rain contact, the wood can swell from water absorption. Once the rain stops the water will evaporate from the wood and it will shrink back to original size. This will not affect overall performance but can cause some cosmetic issues.

30-Year Transferable Warranty

Advantage Plus is covered by a 30 year limited warranty against termites and fungal decay. This warranty guarantees replacement product will be provided if the original product becomes unserviceable due to fungal or termite attack during the warranty period. Replacement product will be supplied at the original store where purchased or the closest alternative if the original location is not available.

This warranty is transferable to future owners. Keep copies of original invoices or receipts and some end tags from the lumber for confirmation against this warranty.


Note: This warranty is subject to following proper building standards and codes, and following the recommended installation and maintenance instructions for Advantage Plus treated wood. Deterioration due to the inherent physical properties of wood such as shrinking, swelling, warping, twisting or resin bleed are not covered. To file a claim contact the store where originally purchased, or if unavailable, the nearest Advantage Plus distributor. You will be asked to fill out a claim form, and provide your original receipt and photographs. A representative may want to review the product in question.


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