Crown Moulding

Crown Moulding runs along the top of the walls in the corner of where the ceiling and wall meet.

Types of Crown Moulding

Your house is your haven and naturally, you want to make it as beautiful as you can. What can you do to add that spark to your rooms? For starters, a baseboard and a crown moulding can make all the difference in the world. Comparing different houses in San Diego, homes with crown moulding appeared much more aesthetically pleasing than those without.

Before you set out to choose your crown moulding, you need to know that there are a several different types of moulding available. Some have a variety of patterns and shapes. Here we give you an overview of the different kinds of crown mouldings so you can choose the best option for your home.


If you are opting for a vintage look, the hardwood crown moulding adds the perfect vintage charm to your ceiling. It has a natural, glossy, finished look that immediately upgrades your home’s interior. Hardwood moulding is manufactured from oak and mahogany timber, and can stain beautifully. You may be surprised by the warmth that some classic crown moulding can add to your room. Also, hardwood can have any number of delicate patterns engraved in it, which is why there a number of different designs out.  It helps give you different options so you can choose according to your preference and overall design of the room. However, you need to be cautious when using this kind of moulding. In damp and humid conditions, such as bathrooms and kitchens, it can get soggy, expand, and deteriorate when exposed to water for too long.


This is similar to the typical style of hardwood moulding, except it is easier to cut, sand, and paint. Softwood moulding is also much cheaper than the high duty hardwoods, due to a greater number of softwood trees like pine and aspen. Similar to the hardwood moulding, softwood moulding can have any kind of pattern. This style is also less resistant to moisture and regular wear and tear. However, proper precautions and care can make these moulding last just as long as hardwood moulding.


Made from plastic, this moulding carries the advantages of being resistant to the weather, daily wear and tear, erosion, and even moisture. It may as well be one of the most durable types of crown moulding. Its main advantage is that being flexible, you can easily mold and shape it to fit curves and corners accurately. Thanks to its composition of a special resin, the moulding can be made to bend at a number of different angles besides the standard 90 degrees. The cost of the crown moulding is also very reasonable and it can be painted any color, according to your preference. This type of crown moulding is popular in many San Diego homes.


You might have heard about this material as it is one of the most common mouldings on the market. This type of moulding is a composite material made out of wood fibers and resin. The material is extremely versatile, flexible, and extremely easy to cut with the right tools. And, since it does not splinter or break during cutting, it is a great option if you are opting to cut the crown moulding yourself. Furthermore, the cost of this moulding makes it optimal for people looking for quality crown moulding on a budget. In addition, MDF can be colored easily with quality oil or latex paints.


These crown mouldings are typically used for exteriors and add a decorative value to the curb appeal of your home. Aluminum, copper, and steel are usually employed in the process. This type of moulding can be cut with special steel cutting saw blades, and can be adjusted like any other crown moulding. The main benefit of metal mouldings is the strength that it contributes to the structure. However, you do need to be careful about protection; we recommend using measures such as paints, galvanized mouldings, or zinc blocks to prevent rusting and weakening of the material. These mouldings can also be quite costly, depending on the price of the metals. Although not suitable for every use, the metal mouldings do have valuable functions in certain areas.

Choosing the type of crown moulding for your home is based on where you want your crown moulding to be. Different places influence the type of moulding that will work best. Also, your preference and the theme that you are opting for matters, too. Considering the many types of mouldings above, you can surely find one that matches and suits your needs perfectly.

Crown moulding can add a great deal sophisticated detail and character to your house. If you are looking to redecorate your home, considering the installation of a good crown moulding is a must! We, at Ideal Moulding Supply, supply all of these materials to provide you with quality crown mouldings for your house. You can order the materials to your San Diego doorstep, simply by contacting us today.


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