Baseboard (Base Moulding)

Baseboard, technically referred to as Base Moulding, surrounds the perimeter of a room and run along the corner where the floor and wall meet.

Baseboard Moulding

It’s amazing what baseboard moulding can do to a room. The baseboard moulding covers any gaps between the wall and floor, and protects the lower walls from damage, primarily from furniture and even feet. Another important use of baseboard trim is the aesthetic value that it adds to your house. You may be surprised by the difference baseboard moulding can make. Many houses and apartments in San Diego have baseboard moulding installed to add that sophisticated touch to their interiors. Here we describe a number of different types of baseboards that you can use to add some character to your house.


This is the most common kind of baseboard. Depending on your preference, a number of different woods are available. Options include oak, maple, mahogany and even pine and fir. Hardwood is the most commonly available baseboard on the market. It is known by a number of different names, such as ranch, colonial, ogee or anniversary, so you if you see one of these names, it is referring to hardwood baseboards. You can also get some designed trim to add a vintage feel to the room. The hardwood baseboards are installed by first adding a baseboard moulding to the wall and then attaching a thinner piece to the top to create some shadow lines.

Flex / Resin

Another interesting choice is flexible, or resin moulding. This type of moulding is very malleable and is great for curved wood applications where regular wood won’t bend to fit. This means that tricky corners and curved edges are not a problem at all! You can easily mold the baseboard into the contours of the wall to create beautiful patterns and a perfect fit. Its main advantage is for a curved wall, where stiff baseboards won’t work. Another advantage is that it is moisture proof, insect proof, and can withstand extreme heat and cold temperatures without warping, cracking or deteriorating. And, if you want to add an original touch, it can also be painted any color of your choice. Buying it is much cheaper than other kinds, too, and since you can use every inch of it, it is more efficient.

Popular applications include:

  • Half Round Windows
  • Elliptical Windows
  • Arches and Arcs
  • Bowed Windows
  • Radius Drywall Corners
  • Curved Stairwells
  • Round Columns
  • Trim Ceiling Domes

These vintage baseboards are somewhat hard to find nowadays, but do make an appearance every now and then. These baseboards are 3/4 inch of pine or fir with a 4-6 inch width. Many of these baseboards mouldings also have a bullnose on the top corner about a radius of 3/8 inch. You can still spot this kind of baseboard trim in certain old homes in San Diego. Usually, the finishing touch is a thick coat of enamel which seals off the boards completely. Certain people with a taste for vintage designs still opt for this kind of moulding. They install it with another structure called plinth block. This is a 1 x 4 x 6 inch, carved, wooden, vertical block that accompanies the corners or the doorway. The baseboards are seen butting into the plinth block for the finished look. Although, this style of baseboard may not for everyone, they sure do have a unique style.


Composite baseboards are strong, durable, and impervious to water. Typically they are used in wet or humid areas, such as bathrooms or commercial kitchens. They are produced using recycled products, making them “green” and “eco-friendly”. Composite mouldings have long-term value; they are durable, waterproof, termite proof, and highly resistant to mold and mildew.

  1. Pre-sand and prime before painting
  2. Use water based interior paint

Note: For best results, we recommend using a primer so your paint will adhere longer.

No matter which type of moulding you choose, based on your own preference and needs of the room, will make a quality baseboard moulding for your home. Baseboard trim can add a whole new dimension to your house. Choose the one that best suits your requirements and be ready to add some quality and flair to your home.


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