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How to Add Style to Your Baseboard or Crown Moulding

Add sophistication to your baseboard or crown moulding

A taller baseboard moulding certainly does look eye catching. So does a sophisticated crown moulding. However, it can be a bother to go over with another baseboard and make all the measurements and fixes for a taller look. Crown moulding, especially, can be hard to make larger. An easy way you can create this look is by making a taller illusion. What you need for the project is some thin pieces of trim. Simply add the trim above your old baseboard moulding and paint the gap in between. This quick fix will create an illusion of a more sophisticated and taller baseboard moulding around your house. Plus, you can this great look for much less!

For a crown moulding, you can add a baseboard to the original crown to create a larger look. The cutting and the calculations are similar to when cutting any basic baseboard or crown moulding. Once the cutting is done, miter cut the corners and adjust them together with a caulking gun. It’s better to add a final touch up of glossy paint to give that polished look. All the effort is really worth it. Read this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to install crown moulding, to create that larger style.

Add squared moulding

You can upgrade your home further and add a vintage look by installing the squared moulding onto your wall. It is much easier than you think. A great part of the task relies on accurate measurements and lots of patience.  And, you don’t need to invest in actual wooden blocks. Simply DIY the boxes by gluing or nailing together equal pieces of baseboard trim to create a square shape. You can then nail or glue it to the lower part of your walls, along with a baseboard moulding and a trim to create that perfect vintage illusion. Try out this unique style by following the step-by-step tutorial on how to install these vintage squares. They do take longer than standard baseboard moulding, but they sure are worth it!