Moulding Removal DIY Guide

How to Remove Old Baseboard and Crown Moulding

In order to put up some new moulding, you need to get rid of the old one first. Baseboards and crown moulding tends to get old, splintered and even moldy over time. At some point, it is always a good idea to update your room with fresh new moulding and trim. Often people want to reuse the baseboards for something else. Some people might request expertise to remove the old trim; however, you can DIY the project at no cost at all. With a razor, a small pry bar, a hammer and lots of patience, you can easily pry those old baseboards without damaging them or the wall. Here we explain the process step-by-step. You can also watch the detailed video on how to remove the baseboard moulding. Removing the crown moulding follows a similar approach, so you can easily figure out how to remove both by learning to remove one.

Step 1

Gently push the pry bar below the base of the trim and work along the length to separate it away from the baseboard. Try to be careful, especially if you plan on reusing the baseboards.

Step 2

Once a section of the trim is removed, start working on the baseboard with the cutter. Pry the baseboard away from the caulking. Work your way through the length of the trim that you have removed.

Step 3

Carefully, using a hammer and the pry bar, push the pry bar between the wall and the baseboard at multiple places. Try and pry the baseboard away from the wall, slowly and gently. Work along the length, until the entire board comes off the wall.

Step 4

Carefully remove the baseboard, making sure not to rip the drywall along with it. This last piece of patience is all that is needed to complete the task. Work all around the room to remove the entire baseboard moulding and trim, conveniently.