Crown Moulding DIY Guide

How to Install Crown Moulding

Crown moulding is an effective way to add some personality to your room. It’s amazing how clean and elegant a house can look with some crown moulding in place. There are many different kinds of moulding that you can choose. Depending on your choice of moulding, you can set about installing it yourself. Learning how to install crown moulding isn’t very difficult at all. Here we present an easy way to install crown moulding yourself.

Step 1: Choose the right moulding

Choose an effective wood for the moulding. You need to know the kind of wood that would best suit your area, level of humidity, and the room in question. You can choose from the different woods or opt for the pre-primed MDF moulding. We offer many different options at reasonable prices to suit your needs. All you need to do is order them. Contact us!

Step 2: Cut the corners

Cut the corners first. This may be the hardest part of installing crown moulding because the moulding is at an angle to the ceiling and the wall. You can use a coping saw for the purpose. It will allow you to create a coped joint that is much tighter than a mitered joint. In addition to this, the coping saw is easier to use and any mistakes in the cutting can be easily concealed with some caulking.

Step 3: Measure and mark the wall

Measure the wall and mark it according to the first piece you will install. Cut the first piece of moulding and align it along the markings. Make sure to cut at 90 degrees so that the ends border the side walls.

Step 4: Cut the inside corners

Cut the inside corners using a miter saw at the 45-degree angle. Make sure the edges are pressed against the saw table and the vertical fence. This will help you get the perfect fit.

Step 5: Coping the moulding joint

Coping the joint comes next when learning how to install crown moulding. Scribe the edge of one moulding on to the other to get a guideline. Use a coping saw to cut the moulding, close to the marked line. Carefully cut out the edge, taking care not to splinter the moulding. Try to cut into small pieces. This will help you cut off the moulding more precisely and fast.

Step 6: Align, caulk, and nail the moulding

Align the crown moulding along the roof. You can then set it in place using a caulking gun. The inside corners can be attached without much trouble and any defects can be concealed with caulking. However, the outside corners need precise fitting and are best cut with a miter. Fix the moulding in place with some 8d finishing nails and you are done! A completely new look to your room within 2 hours. You can also watch how to install crown moulding in this step-by-step tutorial.