Baseboard DIY Guide

How to Install Baseboard

Great baseboards can make a huge difference in how your home looks and have become a very popular way for people to improve both the look and value of their home. Here are some brief instructions for how to do it yourself and install baseboard moulding in your home.

Tips before you start:

  • Because of the angles and cuts required to install baseboard, several tools are required. Only those that are comfortable and competent with the necessary tools should take on a project like this, and all required safety measures should be followed.
  • It is highly recommended that you have the baseboards cut at the supply house. We offer our San Diego local customers free baseboards cuts, just make everything is measured accurately! Contact Us
  • If you are planning to install new floor or add some fresh paint, it is highly recommended that you paint the walls first (so paint doesn’t drip on your new floors), then replace the floor (so you know how high the baseboards should be), and lastly, install the baseboards.
  • Make sure that all the built-in cabinets and/or other longer-term fixtures are in place so it doesn’t complicate the baseboard installation process. Also, it is very important that door casings are installed before the baseboards.
  • If you expect to carpet the room at a later time (and there is currently no carpet or the room has short carpet), make sure to consider the height of the carpet while measuring where the baseboard will be installed. You can use blocks to elevate the baseboard to a desired height to make room for the carpet.

Finding and choosing your favorite baseboard:

  • We recommend finding a great storehouse or showroom where you can browse a large selection of baseboards. Find your favorite baseboard on our website or if you’re in Southern California – visit our large showroom to find your favorite style with the help of our moulding experts.
  • Keep in mind, taller baseboard tends to look more elegant and luxurious than shorter baseboards.

The installation process:

  1. Gather your tools and supplies – we recommend at least having the following: hammer, tape measure, tri-square, writing utensil, caulking gun, nails, safety glasses, miter saw, sandpaper, utility knife, and a coping saw.
  2. Next comes the actual installation. If you have the right equipment, the process only takes about an hour and a half for a four-walled, medium sized room. Here are some videos that take you through the entire process step-by-step, so that you can install your new baseboard trim in no time at all!

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