About Us

Ideal Moulding Supply is a residential and commercial moulding supply house located in Mission Valley. We have over 150 moulding profiles in-stock at all times and we guarantee our prices are the best in the county.

Our mouldings are available in a wide variety of species including Solid and FJ Pine, Ultralight and Standard MDF, Fir, Redwood, Oak, Poplar, Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, Alder, and Resin. In addition to our variety of species, we carry specialty mouldings from White River’s collections of Ornamentally Embossed, Mon Reale® and Handcarved Friezes.

All in-stock items are available for job-site delivery  within 1-2 working days or by the next scheduled delivery day. Our lead time on custom resin millwork is 2-5 days from date of order.